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During 2010

Planck CTP Working Group Meeting
Starting in 2003, Planck Working Group 3 (the “CTP”, Cl Temperature and Polarization group) undertook a comparison of mapmaking codes in increasingly realistic situations.
11 to 15 October 2010
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Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution
JENAM2010 Symposium

While many lines of evidence highlight the role of dwarf galaxies in the cosmic scenery, as possible building blocks of Hubble-type galaxies and important contributors to the chemical enrichment of the Universe, the formation and evolution of these systems is only sketchily understood. The nearby Universe reveals a diversity of dwarf galaxies, spanning a wide range in their photometric, morphological and chemical properties. Does this sizeable galaxy population share a common evolutionary history or rather consist of physically and evolutionary distinct subclasses?
9 to 10 September 2010
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From Varying Couplings to Fundamental Physics
JENAM2010 Symposium

Nature is characterized by a number of physical laws and fundamental dimensionless couplings. These determine the properties of our physical universe, from the size of atoms, cells and mountains to the ultimate fate of the universe as a whole. It is rather remarkable how little we know about them.
6 to 7 September 2010
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Astronomy Challenges for Engineers & Computer Scientists
JENAM2010 Special Session

The Astronomy projects being developed at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), of which Portugal is a member, cover areas almost unexplored by science, such as Interferometry in the infrared with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) and in the sub-millimeter with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).
6 September 2010
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National Workshop on Alma: Getting Ready for Early Science
A 1-day workshop where we will aim to bring the Portuguese astronomical community up-to-date on the ALMA status and capabilities and show how one can prepare for the Early Science with ALMA.
23 June 2010
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1st National Workshop on "The Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets"
A 1-day workshop where we propose to seat together all the members of the national community working in the fields related to the "Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets".
22 June 2010
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5th Iberian Cosmology Meeting
This is the fifth in a series of meetings which aim to encourage interactions and collaborations between researchers working in cosmology and related areas in Portugal and Spain. Researchers working in other countries are also most welcome.
29 to 31 March 2010
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