Conferences, workshops and meetings
During 2008

OPTICON Board Meeting
This is the final OPTICON Board Meeting under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). It is an open meeting to guests of the Board.
10 to 11 November 2008
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5th European Meeting of Small and Portable Planetariums
Small and portable planetariums have a huge impact in Astronomy education and science awareness. It is therefore important to discuss the different approaches and methodologies used in transmitting their message for an even greater impact. Discussing and exchanging experiences, addressing modern and innovative forms of interaction with the audience, establishing collaborations, are some of the goals of this conference.

This meeting is co-organized by Fundação Navegar and Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto.

9 to 11 October 2008
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ESF Exploratory Workshop
Astrophysical Tests of Fundamental Physics

The deepest enigma of modern physics is whether or not there are any fundamental scalar fields in nature: although there are widely accepted theories in particle physics and cosmology which rely on them, neither has so far produced any definitive evidence for them. This workshop will bring together Europe's best experts in the various approaches to this and related topics, to identify and characterize key observational probes of fundamental physics.
27 to 29 March 2008
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