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ESPRESSO Progress Meeting
26 to 27 October 2009
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Towards Other Earths
To allow the discovery of other Earths, a new generation of instruments and telescopes is now being conceived and built by different teams around the world. This includes a new generation of Extremely Large Telescopes (ELT). Thanks to the diameter of their primary mirrors, the detection of earth-mass planets is expected to be within the reach of these ELTs.
19 to 23 October 2009
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New insights into the Sun: the potential of a new generation of solar-stellar seismic diagnostics
The workshop will be centred on the seismic study of convective regions, mixing, ionization zones, rotation, etc., with particular emphasis on how seismic tools for the Sun and for other stars can be combined or adapted in order to improve our capacity to probe the physics of the Sun and solar-type stars.
16 to 18 September 2009
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HELAS Board Meeting
14 to 15 September 2009
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Progress in understanding the physics of Ap and related stars
Chemically Peculiar (CP) stars are stage to a diversity of physical phenomena, such as pulsations, convection, rotation, accretion,  diffusion or magnetism. As a consequence, they offer unique and colorful laboratory for examining and studying these phenomena simultaneously, competitively and in parallel, ultimately enriching the whole gamut of stellar physics.
The IAU-GA will bring together experts on a diversity of research fields. We thus see this Joint Discussion as a possibility for a multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas, and a golden opportunity for us to share the recent progress from the field of Ap and related stars with a broader spectrum of researchers.
3 to 5 August 2009
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2nd iberian meeting on asteroseismology
Most of the information on stars ever collected come from their surface. Therefore, the limitations of stellar physics over the last century could be summarized in a simple question: how to reconcile models for the interiors of stars and observational quantities reflecting mostly their outer layers?
28 to 30 April 2009
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Blue Dots meeting
28 to 30 January 2009
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