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Unitarily inequivalent quantum bouncing models
Patrick Peter
2021 November 30, 15:30
IA/U.Porto, CAUP (Auditorium)
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Astrophysical and cosmological implications of conformal quadratic Weyl gravity
Tiberiu Harko
2021 November 25, 11:00
IA/U.Lisboa, FCUL (C8.2.03)
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Isotropisation in the approach to a singularity
Jerome Quintin
2021 November 15, 16:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Painting a portrait of the Milky Way disc with Gaia and star clusters
Tristan Cantat-Gaudin
2021 October 27, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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miniJPAS: a preview of the Universe in 56 colors
Silvia Bonoli
2021 June 02, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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AGN outflows at cosmic noon and their impact of the host galaxies
Vincenzo Mainieri
2021 May 26, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Putting Hayashi and Henyey behind: Combining asteroseismology and state of the art pre-main sequence models
Thomas Steindl
2021 May 19, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Open-source software for probabilistic data analysis in astronomy
Daniel Foreman-Mackey
2021 May 05, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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Galactic Archaeology with precise ages, chemistry and kinematics: what have we learned?
Cristina Chiappini
2021 April 21, 13:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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New Advances with Type Ia Supernovae To Measure The Expansion of the Universe
Daniel Scolnic
2021 April 06, 15:30
IA, Online (Zoom)
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