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The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets
XXII. Multiple planet systems from the HARPS volume limited sample

G. Lo Curto, M. Mayor, W. Benz, F. Bouchy, C. Lovis, C. Moutou, D. Naef, F. Pepe, D. Queloz, N. C. Santos, D. Sťgransan, S. Udry

We present the detections of three multiple systems within the HARPS volume-limited sample. Among the six planets discussed in this paper, we have identified a "super-Earth" planet with a minimum mass of 6.6 MEarth and a "Neptune" planet with minimum mass of 18 MEarth, both orbiting their parent stars within a distance of 0.05 AU and a period of approximately four days. These detections strengthen the argument that low-mass planets are primarily found in multiple-planetary systems.

planets and satellites: individual: HD125612 – planets and satellites: individual: HD215497 – planets and satellites: individual: HIP 5158 – techniques: radial velocities – techniques: spectroscopic – plan

Based on observations made with the HARPS instrument on the ESO 3.6 m telescope at La Silla (Chile), under the GTO program ID 072.C-0488.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics
Volume 512, Number of pages A48_1
2010 March

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