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Varying couplings in the early universe: correlated variations of α and G

C. J. A. P. Martins, E. Menegoni, S. Galli, G. Mangano, A. Melchiorri

The Cosmic Microwave Backround anisotropies provide an unique opportunity to constrain simultaneous variations of the fine-structure constant α and Newton’s gravitational constant G. Those correlated variations are possible in a wide class of theoretical models In this brief paper we show that the current data, assuming that particle masses are constant, gives no clear indication for such variations, but already prefers that any relative variations in α should be of the same sign of those of G for variations of ∼ 1%. We also show that a cosmic complementarity is present with big bang nucleosynthesis and that a combination of current CMB and big bang nucleosynthesis data strongly constraints simultaneous variations in α and G. We finally discuss the future bounds achievable by the Planck satellite mission.

Physical Review D
Volume 82, Issue 0235, Page 023532_1
2010 July

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