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A deep UBVRI CCD photometry of six open star clusters in the galactic anticenter region

S Lata, A. K. Pandey, B. Kumar, H. Bhatt, G. Pace, S. Sharma

We present deep UBVRI CCD photometry of six open star clusters situated in the Galactic anticenter region (l ∼ 120–200°). The sample includes three unstudied (Be 6, Be 77, King 17) and three partly studied open clusters (Be 9, NGC 2186, and NGC 2304). The fundamental parameters have been determined by comparing color–color and color–magnitude diagrams with the theoretical models. The structural parameters and morphology of the clusters were discussed on the basis of radial density profiles and isodensity contours, respectively. The isodensity contours show that all the clusters have asymmetric shapes. An investigation of structural parameters indicates that the evolution of core and corona of the clusters is mainly controlled by internal relaxation processes.

Galaxy: structure – open clusters and associations: individual (Berkeley 6, Berkeley 9, Berkeley 77, King 17, NGC 2186, NGC 2304) – stars: luminosity function, mass function – techniques: photometric


The Astronomical Journal
Volume 139, Number 2, Page 378
2010 January

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