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Solar system tests of Horava-Lifshitz gravity

T. Harko, Z. Kovács, F. S. N. Lobo

In the present paper, we consider the possibility of observationally constraining Ho?rava gravity at the scale of the Solar System, by considering the classical tests of general relativity(perihelion precession of the planet Mercury, deflection of light by the Sun and the radar echo delay) for the spherically symmetric black hole Kehagias– Sfetsos solution of Ho?rava–Lifshitz gravity. All these gravitational effects can be fully explained in the framework of the vacuum solution of Ho?rava gravity. Moreover, the study of the classical general relativistic tests also constrains the free parameter of the solution. From the analysis of the perihelion precession of the planet Mercury, we obtain for the free parameter u of the Kehagias–Sfetsos solution the constraint u = 3.212 × 10-26 cm-2, the deflection of light by the Sun gives u = 4.589 × 10-26 cm-2, while the radar echo delay observations can be explained if the value of u satisfies the constraint u = 9.179 × 10-26 cm-2.

Proceedings of the Royal Society A
Volume 467, Number 2129
2010 November

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